Punch nazis

Posted on 2017-01-22 23:30 in misc

Looks like everyone needs to publish their thoughts on nazi punching, so here you go: punch the motherfuckers.

Your moral high ground is not: accepting or debating nazis.
Your moral high ground is: not being genocidal and accepting peaceful people and protecting them from hate and murder.
The Third Reich wasn't created by doubt and stopped by debates and moral high-ground - it was created by crafted disinformation and manipulation, and destroyed by war and violence from the Soviet Union and the USA. If nazis were capable of seeing reason and accepting the existence of other people they wouldn't be nazis in the first place. Many have tried now and during the last century, you can't reason nazis with good arguments. They don't care, they don't want to know. They're not here to doubt about their opinion or argue; they're here because they believe in it and now want to cleanse yours from the world at any cost.

Nazis are not peaceful people that want to exist alongside others - nazism is a supremacist ideology, that exists to exterminate others. You don't have a right to be a nazi for the same reason you don't have a right to murder.

The goal is not to exterminate all nazis with violence.
The goal is to make them scared again;
The goal is to make them ashamed of their hateful and evil ideas that directly attacks humanity itself;
The goal is to declare all together that hate is not accepted as a political opinion, and that if you choose to be a genocidal piece of shit people will punch you in the face and you will have deserved it.

"white people are superior and black people and jews should burn" vs "you're not allowed to think that"
"women should be properties to men" vs "sexism is bad"
"trans people are a decease and should be annihilated" vs "please let me live in peace"
Also common: "if you are against nazis, you are yourself aggressive and extreme against nazis". It seems fair on the surface, but it is also indeed deeply wrong and broken.

At some point the Empire was the absolute worst and had to be destroyed.
Now we have people like "sure they murdered children and destroyed the Jedi and only wants power and control over the whole galaxy and do not give a fuck about your rights, but MAYBE"

Let's think about the concepts of aggression and human rights.
Aggression: overt, often harmful, social interaction with the intention of inflicting damage or other unpleasantness upon another individual; feelings of anger or antipathy resulting in hostile or violent behavior.

Human rights, also civil liberties, personal freedoms, are what makes our society stand. It's at the base of the whole concept of justice. You can't have justice without rights.
It's the difference between a group of free people and a fucking zoo owned by an authoritarian. It's one of the most important ethics and legal tool we have ever created; learn about it and use it.
With both, you can often make a very simple and perfect judgment of who is right and wrong.
Sometimes it's hard to see which is which, the line gets blurry, and we have to make more specific laws to cover them.
Sometimes it's even more complicated and there's no easy solution.
But sometimes it's obvious and easy to logically prove and come the fuck on.

Bigots will try to make their issue look like it's complicated and exceptional, but if you analyze the basic ideas it gets easy: they're not.

  1. Be skeptic. Check facts. Require facts. They are crafting lies to manipulate, you have to doubt them and resist the easy path of belief.
  2. Think about the aggression. Who and what started it? Is one party acting against the other, is one simply defending itself? You have to know before you pick a side.
  3. Who does it profit to? What is the goal? Is it the respect of their own rights or is it invasion of someone else's rights? Is it just money or power or dumb hate?

Note: Perfect objectivity is indeed hard and arguably impossible, but we are capable of approaching it with reason and informed decisions.

Simple example: back to Nazis

Nazi POV: "Other people are degenerates and we must annihilate them."
Their only arguments are propaganda, motivational lies ingeniously crafted to manipulate.
Jewish POV: "Nazis are bad because they murder and actively hurt us, and everyone can see it."
It's a fact. You can prove it yourself. You can interact with people that can prove it and confirm your observation. You can see the dead bodies if you live at the right time, you can see believable pictures, you can see witnesses, you can know people that get killed.

Is it a large Jewish conspiracy? Probably not. Are the Jews or Blacks ruling the world? Nah. White Christian male capitalists rule the world and have been doing so for a long time. Normally at this point a good nazi would tell you they rule because they're better. Is crushing everyone else "better"? Then yes. But then you also consider every serial killer as a hero.

Some people like me believe we have achieved nice things when we weren't too busy gutting each other, like science.
And before you mention it, war didn't help science; preparing for war and avoiding it did. We did many great things to avoid war with science and superior technology, then killed people for a leader's pride. A good warrior fights to bring peace, not more destruction. A soldier that likes killing people is just a murderer.

Objective conclusion: the system would be in peace and balance without the nazis, they fucked it up. Facts show they are the aggressors without any doubt and a danger to everyone. Because their existence is defined by their aggressive actions and their beliefs in it, we can deduce nazis chose to actively oppose themselves to humanity and thus aren't allowed to exist.
The nazi movement is not a party that happens to have killed jews, it was created for the sole purpose of taking power with lies and disinformation, then the annihilation of opposition with violence and profit from this action.
Humanity as a whole must not tolerate their existence, it's a cancer slowing metastasizing; the more you wait the more they indoctrinate and the more victims they will make.

Ever played Plague Inc.? Then you must know the way to win: you infect quietly, denying everything. Even if your intentions are clear and scary, no one will act; then one day when you're strong enough you kill everyone.

Neo-nazis work the same way: they diffuse propaganda to the most manipulable people. That's easy, nazism is exactly what hateful white people want to hear: "you're genetically superior, they are the cause of everything wrong, murder is justified, go kill jews". The average poor uneducated white person will simply agree to that easy solution and follow. At this point they're still denying they are nazis, even if they clearly look like nazis and act like nazis. People will just let them publicly quote Mein Kampf and agree they are not nazis until they start throwing people in ovens.

History lesson: what you forgot about nazism

I don't know what you Americans learn in school these days, but the Germans elected Hitler with 37% votes (20% of the total population, 1% more than Trump).
He was just like Trump: an allegory of success, power, taking back control over your country, and mostly lies you want to hear. Your basic powerful authoritarian.

Hitler's only election argument was to make Germany great again. Seriously. Germany was wounded from WW1 and forbidden to have an army. Hitler wanted to take back control from the evil Jews who profited from the good Aryan, and make it an international power of commerce and industry as it was before the wars.
We're not even sure Hitler had anything against the Jews himself - hating Jews was probably just a tool to control people.
You can't tell people the country is in bad shape because of them, they won't like it. But if you tell them is because of the degenerates minority and you can kill them all, and create many jobs in the army at the same time, and boost many industries, they will get their pitchforks and torches and pile up wood.
You don't have to prove any allegation; you're manipulating basic survival instinct. Those don't need proof or reason, they just kill.

At first they only deported the illegals. Then they discretely slaughtered them. Most Germans just didn't want to think about it, they just watched the illegals getting taken away. Meanwhile, Hitler just found the most economical solution for his degenerate-extermination industry: mass slaughter in gas chambers. 11 millions deaths and a whole country looking away.
At this point, sure, some people finally got it, it was going too far, and tried to oppose it. But what are you going to do? It's literally a few citizens against an army. There was a resistance movement but they had no chance against an organized state open to killing your whole family and torture, and with excellent intelligence.
Again, I don't know what they teach Americans in school, but it's Stalin who crushed the nazis while being even more murderous on his side on the world. The Americans did a little part at the end, helped in France, but mostly watched the slaughter happen.

Anyway, that's why you can't have nazis be proud in public: they're here to manipulate and grab power. If you give any power to nazis they will murder you with no hesitation and no debate about your rights. Nazis lost their right to exist when they slaughtered 11 millions people.
We can't wonder now if supremacy is an acceptable opinion or not - we answered that a century ago, at the end of WW2, while standing in front of mass graves, and all declared "never again" because of how disgusting it all was.

"race realists", "white nationalists", "white supremacists"... Same shit. You declare your majority groups superior, declare the rest enemies or cause of all the problems you can't solve, and start killing them.
Truth: haters are the only source of hate. They all invented the problems they proposed to fix, so they could get power.

If that's not enough, grab any decent history book about nazism someday.

I won't be murdered because some rich ignorant pseudo-liberal thinks free speech is the most important civil liberty. It's just the only one you're afraid to lose; you can't even imagine losing the others, that never happened to you. Other people risk much more than you from your mistakes. Other people had lost much more than you in the past while you were looking away.

And fucking Scott Adams with his "if Trump becomes Hitler I will get my gun and kill him".
Sure thing fucker. Just like every time in History, you will stand back and look away.
People are already getting killed: racism, healthcare, rapes, ... everyday. What have you done? You're already looking away.
You voted for the guy that openly doesn't care about fixing it and is allied to white supremacists.
Just admit it: you don't give a fuck about other people dying. Stop lying to us and/or yourself.

Really, I know the feel, before being openly trans I had no idea what it feels like either: when you're in the privileged majority, threats are empty, even death threats are hollow as you know the one doing it will never act; the worst a politician can do is increase your taxes.
But as you leave this population for any reason, you get a whole new field of view: people you know are dying in horrible ways, powerful groups are threatening your rights and your life, politicians can literally kill with a bullshit law and justification and half the country would just follow them. Your life expectancy is silently halved.
I've watched innocent teenagers get killed and the people responsible get away with it, and no one outside giving a fuck, or ever worse people agreeing with it; just imagine that, crying in another continent, powerless, disgusted and frustrated like I've never been, and wondering how many times it will happen again. I've talked to people on the edge of suicide because of terrible living conditions, in our nice civilized countries, and been there myself, without anyone outside even asking questions about our problems.
That kind of horror changes you; for the better, I try to believe. Now I can only hope this text can open your mind to the terror casually happening around you and the power you have over it.


It also works for sexism, racism, lgbt+ and their rights, every-fucking-thing else with the same scheme:

  • a side with more propaganda than facts, manipulated people and violent ideas;
  • a side with facts, whose main idea is to defend their fundamental rights.

It's so common we have a name for it: Oppression

Punch nazis, white supremacists, "white nationalists", "race realists".
Punch misogynists.
Punch homophobes.
Punch transphobes.
Kill open and proud hate, it's a cancer to humanity and will only destroy us all.

If someone has any doubt, bring them love, truth, facts. If they believe in hate, bring them hate, shame and pain. Nothing else was ever effective.

If they gave a fuck about your life or your opinions or your rights they wouldn't do it. Fuck them and everything they stand for.

You all love being nice allies and collecting cookies, here's your chance to be actually useful: they want us dead and they're working on it, punch those motherfuckers.
Kill them if needed, that's the only reason we're not all under a Nazi empire since WW2.