About me

I'm Alice, I write code (mostly Python and Rust), sometimes text (mostly shitpost), occasionally hack stuff, and manage servers.

A few interesting projects:

If you intend to work with me, check if working with a depressive and anxious trans person is not a problem for you.
(remote only, the less vocal communications the better, text/IM is fine). Money is enough motivation and I hate bullshit.

Twitter: @CobaltVelvet
Mastodon: @CobaltVelvet@octodon.social
Github: 0xa
Email: alice at that domain, without the blog part.
GPG: I don't have a personal key, if you really need that much secrecy just ask and we can figure something out.
Bitcoin: 1Ms48T6Z5TTX3iEKrPQz6hhkomFxDUjVLX