Posted on 2017-01-16 00:05 in misc

I don't really like what I do. I don't really like why I do it either.
Both are a good reflection of why the world is shit.

Currently my main revenue source is CCrypto VPN.

Why does it exist? Because our ISPs are shit, and our government is shit and cannot be trusted by its own citizens. It's obeying to private companies instead and spying on people.
Why do I do it? Because my life is shit, and I need the money. I know how to do it and can't find anything enjoyable and profitable to do. So I did something easy and profitable.

Did it create anything new? Did it add any value to the world? Not at all. It's nothing new, nothing innovating, nothing even remotely interesting.
One day it will disappear and no one will really care, people will just move on to one of the thousands others that do the exact same thing.

I'm a decent programmer - I hate repeated and redundant stuff. It's inefficient. It feels wrong.
And the sad part is, that's half of our current society.
Capitalism is a fucking joke.

We create inefficient systems so we can build more inefficient systems on top of it.
We justify their existence with the inefficiency of other systems.
We created a whole society based on justified inefficiency.
It's a huge primitive and pathetic scam to keep us all busy while believing in full employment and progress at the same time.

Just by fixing a few simple issues you could "optimize" the entire existence of VPN services and providers.
Just by fixing a few simple issues you could "optimize" half the fucking world and make it fundamentally better.
Every time I see one site or one enterprise I ask myself how useless they actually are. Whole companies you could be replaced by a well-written bash script.
But then what? People won't let you do that. We hate our pathetic system. We love our pathetic system. We need our pathetic system. Most people wouldn't know what to do without, and are scared to be lost without a purpose and a job.

Focus on robotics, art and science in a free and equal society without the need to work?
Can you even realize how perfect it would be, how we dreamed about it for millenia and how technically doable it is? We know how to do it. It's not sci-fi anymore. The only obstacle is us. Can I even dream of it or is it some kind of terrorism?

I believed in capitalism at some point, I believed in innovation and performance pushed by the free market and competition. I thought the search for profit would push for pure efficiency and technology.
I believed the same principles could even guarantee freedom, that going full anarcho-capitalism would handle abusive governments and corporations.
I really did and tried hard to never stop.

But the truth is, it's shit.
It doesn't work, has never worked and will never work alone.
Over my nice ideas, efficiency became brute force. Free market and competition became bullshit marketing war. Freedom became dictature of the richest.
Profit as a need to stay alive is counter-productive; it pushes people to steal, lie, and destroy.
Creation and actual progress is secondary and is far from as rewarding.

It's doing the same thing over and over again, with just a bit of added marketing, and here you go make capitalism work again. It's not about knowledge or competence. It's just about selling the biggest lie.
Enhancing performances? Nah just enslave people, no one will care, it's profitable. Throw hungry suicidal Chinese people at it until it's finished.
The whole need was fabricated and you feel useless? Nah you're a modern hero just like all those pathetic startups's CEOs who will burn their millions on useless stuff and fire everyone in 6 months.
What did they do with millions for 6 months? They invented a more expensive bus or a wifi dildo. Fucking heroes.

Do we invest all our money to work on awesome future technologies? No. No one cares about it.
Nuclear fusion, our most promising thing ever? No. One. Cares.
Sure SpaceX is cool but that's an exception and it's mostly funded by the government anyway.
The people have spoken, and the people want a Facebook in green and the wifi dildo.
Trash your hopes and dreams and go build shit that sells to idiots instead.

Wanna work on free software? Sure a universal basic income would be nice for that. Hmm nah go fuck yourself and make a useless startup.

Other example, pharmaceuticals, where the job literally is to balance profits and death count.
We know how to save most of the sick and dying people on Earth; that wouldn't even cost us much. Of course we won't, because some executives, somewhere, want their new fucking golden building.
These people are the heroes we deserve. We even elect them as presidents now.
They're the true product of capitalism: people taught empathy and humanity are weaknesses. People that believe winning is about crushing the others.
People that believe saving lives is just a PR trick.

Everything we do is wasted.

We made a big machine that doesn't solve anything anymore and scams people at scale.

Fuck it. All of this is shit. Current capitalism is a failure.