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Posted on 2017-04-17 15:00 in misc

"Censorship" and ignoring others and the role of safe spaces

You build safe spaces to ignore any opposition because you can't handle their ideas

I do know their ideas and bullshit arguments way too much for anyone to handle, I could write a whole book about it, I listened to them and crushed them thousands of times, demonstrably proved them wrong and watched them explode in rage and threats as their beliefs were stronger than any evidence or authority and defied any logic.
I watched them turn to organized violence and kill people in the name of their own pathetic inability to grasp the situation without even trying.

I had hope for a long time, I thought ignorants just needed to be taught and they'd be reasonable.
Now, I've seen it doesn't work, I'm tired and depressed. I've seen too much and can't take this shit anymore.
When I see one of them I just feel sick for this humanity doomed to drown in its own bullshit and self-glorified ignorance.

Many of you are clueless idiots, there's nothing I can do and I have now accepted that. Leave us alone.

Sure, you can be against censorship or instance-wide blocking to judge everyone by yourself.
Sure, you can even listen to any idiot spewing hate and try to teach them stuff.
Sure, you can argue with a nazi and try to convert them every time you see one.
I get that. I did that. With enough persistence you may even succeed.
You're most likely privileged or strong enough to be able to do that and not feel anything personal; that's good.
I appreciate that, I believe we need allies and they are in a position to do great things and make the world better and safer for all of us.

But now I'd like you all to understand and accept that many of us cannot do that ourselves.
When the thing you're arguing about is literally associated with a life or death situation, there's no room to argue or to get them to understand something.
The conversation quickly becomes about your survival, or more accurately your right to be alive. Most of them won't understand why or won't believe it because it'd be so strange to them, but that's our reality. Our reality is so fucked up they are unlikely to believe it.

May it be racism, transphobia, sexism, ... most of us have had to justify our existence every day.
Most of us have been denied rights most people wouldn't even imagine being stripped of.
Most of us have known someone who killed themselves or was murdered because of this.
Most of us are depressed and can't take any more of this shit or spend any more time on it.
Most of us just want to be happy for some time because we don't have anything else.

Fuck, I can't even play an online game without someone doing a random transphobic comment.
"wow u a real girl? -yeah -nah lol you're too good you have a dick; let me hear your voice"
(happened yesterday, longer and with more people involved, the following headshot felt good tho. It happens regularly.)

That's the role of the safe space. I already see that bullshit everywhere every fucking day.

I have nothing against you leaving it or having another account elsewhere, that's how the federation works, and I'm glad it's possible.
It's not a prison and it has nothing to do with censorship. It's a space with a purpose and it will keep to it. Many people need it.

Bonus metaphor: the safe space is our no-pvp area. If you attack people you'll get banned. That's the point. Some people just want to stay there and chill and do quests and whatever. Why do you care? Let them be in peace. If you want violence, get out.

Breaking the Federation.

Does instance blocking "break" anything? Why would it? Where did that shitty idea come from?
The federation works perfectly fine that way. Federated networks are made exactly for that purpose. Instance blocking doesn't hurt the federation from any point of view, technical or political. It only breaks egos.

First of all, my instance is my place. I own it. I'm responsible for it and the safety of people on it. Since most critics will be capitalists anyway, you should at least be honest with yourself on that part.

It's not a fancy startup that will sell itself to the highest bidder or get as many users as possible so it can sell your data.
It's not either a nationalized forum that has to respect any citizen's rights. It's my instance, a private place with its own rules, owners, and a published set of values.

If you agree then great, you're welcome there and I'll make sure it stays at least as good and close to what you agreed with.

If you don't, then great I don't want you there either, get the fuck out of my sight. Pick another one or make one yourself.
That your 100% pure and absolute freedom right here for both of us and yet you're still complaining.
Why is that? Because you don't give a fuck about freedom, you just want the most people possible to be able to see you, even if you perfectly know that by choosing my instance and values they're already opposed to your opinion.
That's not even freedom of speech, that's freedom to be listened, and there's no such thing.
Everybody hates you, get over it and remember that you can change it whenever you want. Science does not recognize any need or long-term use to be a destructive hateful person. Get a psychologist. Or at least some weed.

At this point it's a very simple problem for anyone used to security: there are risks and solutions. When most of the problems come from a few instances, blocking them is a very efficient and powerful solution.

Anyone from any side can always make accounts on another instance or even mine if they want to, and it will keep a nice isolation between the two very different places and make sure they know and accept the two sets of rules.
Anyone is free to have fun on and come to Octodon to chill, I don't care if you don't mix the two.

That's the whole point of a federated network. It's not broken. It's federated.