Mastodon politics

Posted on Mon 17 April 2017 in misc • Tagged with mastodon, political

"Censorship" and ignoring others and the role of safe spaces

You build safe spaces to ignore any opposition because you can't handle their ideas

I do know their ideas and bullshit arguments way too much for anyone to handle, I could write a whole book about it, I listened to …

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Punch nazis

Posted on Sun 22 January 2017 in misc • Tagged with rant, political

Looks like everyone needs to publish their thoughts on nazi punching, so here you go: punch the motherfuckers.

Your moral high ground is not: accepting or debating nazis.
Your moral high ground is: not being genocidal and accepting peaceful people and protecting them from hate and murder.
The Third Reich …

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Posted on Mon 16 January 2017 in misc • Tagged with rant

I don't really like what I do. I don't really like why I do it either.
Both are a good reflection of why the world is shit.

Currently my main revenue source is CCrypto VPN.

Why does it exist? Because our ISPs are shit, and our government is shit and …

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Hosting a Tor Hidden Service Decently

Posted on Tue 03 January 2017 in Security • Tagged with tor, anonymity, hidden-service, onion, opsec, sysadmin

Background music ideas: (something... rap-rave?, deathcore, and... something else electropunkish)

These days people may need to publish stuff anonymously. Since many people fuck that up and I'm …

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Google Public DNS

Posted on Thu 10 November 2016 in Security • Tagged with google-public-dns, privacy

I'm sure we all have heard the worst and the best about Google Public DNS, so here's why I like it and why I recommend it to anyone who doesn't know how to do otherwise.

Why use it

  • It doesn't lie about NXDOMAINS. OpenDNS used to do it, a few …

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The anonymity of a VPN service

Posted on Mon 07 November 2016 in Security • Tagged with vpn, anonymity

Now I manage a VPN provider and know a few others' internal workings, let's destroy some myths.
No VPN will provide you perfect anonymity. Nothing will. Do not use a VPN for anonymity.


In any transport of information, it will go through multiple points where the information and metadata …

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New design!

Posted on Sat 05 November 2016 in misc • Tagged with design, purple, triangle, logo

Hey, new design! It's Flex in purple.

The logo is way more interresting though. I've had a big triangle on for some time, but it's a nice logo too.
If you can't see it, you probably need to allow JavaScript here.

It's a Sierpiński triangle rendered live in …

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Hosting your own mail server for security

Posted on Sun 25 September 2016 in Security • Tagged with mail, uptime

Here's some tips from a security-focused system administrator.

If you're an experienced sysadmin ready to embrace Murphy's law:

Go ahead, you already know what to do and what to expect. Good luck!

If you're the average user and don't know much about servers:

Why host your own mail server:

  • The …

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Tor Browser considered harmful

Posted on Fri 16 September 2016 in Security • Tagged with tor, anonymity

Since people often ask me about anonymity and Tor, I'd like to write something more complete than a few tweets. It's a nice time with @movrcx's last overhyped 0day and bullshit conspiracy too.
Don't trust titles. It's great software but not enough for correct anonymity.
By the way, ioerror was …

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